Is your organization experiencing that point of dimishing returns?

How many times have these thoughts crossed your mind?

"I seem to be working twice as hard as ever, but I'm not getting twice the results."

"I'd be happy to delegate more but I don't yet trust my people to do it right."

"I'm spending more time putting out fires than on growing my business."

"My company is making good money, but I’m still not generating improved cash flow."

If these thoughts sound familiar, it's because they are shared by thousands of small business owners who are experiencing normal growing pains within their business. If these growing pains are not brought under control, they can quickly overwhelm you and put you out of business.

The Abasia Point analysis was designed by John Stolk, Ph.D., who is the CEO and President of the Executive Counsellor Guild with offices in the Netherlands and New York. It was created to help executives and owners overcome organizational growing pains and move the company’s financial and non-financial performance objectives back into a positive direction.

In partnership with Ken Moore Associates, the Executive Counsellor Guild will conduct a complete and systemic quantitative and qualitative evaluation of every facet of your business. The Abasia Point process typically uncovers a myriad of opportunities for operational efficiencies, identifies waste or unnecessary duplication of efforts, and reinforces sound business practices. It further identifies the appropriate delegation of authority and responsibility to the proper subordinates that will improve the performance metrics that matter to the owners.

The results of the Abasia Point process generally reflect above average returns, more efficient and effective business processes, and enhanced competitive advantages.

For more information about the Abasia Point process, please view our website at, or contact Ken or John Stolk to discuss your concerns.

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